The Dawn of a New Era

There is a strong need for low-cost hydrogen that doesn't come from fossil fuels and that can be produced in a distributed manner.  Hydrostar USA has developed a new, low-cost, green technology that produces hydrogen gas (H2) from electrolysis using a proprietary electrolyte called B9. HydroStar's HERO technology is the first truly low cost, green hydrogen production technology available today.

Hydrostar HERO

HERO is here and ready for use in industrial, renewable power, grid power balancing and green ammonia production. Hydrostar’s electrolysis systems efficiently produce high grade low-cost hydrogen gas for these and many other applications. The low capital and operating cost of Hydrostar’s HERO technology delivers hydrogen at a competitive cost to conventional hydrogen production for power systems and industrial process industries. Conventional methods generate significant greenhouse gas emissions; HERO produces essentially zero GHG emissions.

Green Ammonia Production

HydroStar has partnered with a new and exciting distributed ammonia technology to bring on-site ammonia production to the field, the factory or any other place where ammonia is wanted or needed.  Use of this system to take excess power, renewable power or energy from curtailed systems can be inputs to this unique system for energy storage or finished product creation, resulting in a distributed and highly beneficial system to owners/operators.

Hydrostar's THOR Technology

The addition of hydrogen gas into the intake of diesel engines has been demonstrated to reduce emissions, improve mileage, and reduce maintenance costs by enhancing the combustion process in diesel engines.  THOR provides a fixed amount of hydrogen to the combustion process to assist in burning the excess chemical energy, primarily within the lower engine speeds where the engine efficiency is at it's lowest.  Starting and stopping; low speed operations and most other driving conditions benefit from the use of HydroStar's THOR technology.