Our Marketing Vision

HERO provides cost competitive merchant gas solutions and demonstrates viability with partners in a wide range of power and industrial applications.

HydroStar will opportunistically displace delivered merchant hydrogen to the market while continuing to scaling up our cost competitive solutions. We can use these solutions to compete with large reformed hydrogen plants, while offering more flexible and reliable energy storage and back-up power solutions.

Our technology enables Hydrostar USA to capture the emerging market for green hydrogen produced with renewable resources (i.e. wind/solar). These same characteristics will allow us to help enable the growth of a green hydrogen fuel market in transportation.

Green Ammonia Partnership

HydroStar and the HERO technology have built a relationship with a unique and exciting green, on-site ammonia production technology that can utilize low-cost available power to produce ammonia.  The finished product can be used for fertilizer for farms, finished chemical product for industrial applications or as fuel for many needs. 

This revolutionary combination will revolutionize the global use of ammonia products and greatly enhance the opportunities for energy storage.